Plant Disease and Insect Control

Our dedicated staff arborists and plant professionals can assess your property, and provide a free assessment when it comes to identifying possible insects or plant diseases in your yard. Not every insect is bad for your plants and in fact some provide beneficial properties to your yard! Plant disease often provides helpful clues to the underlying problems that made a plant susceptible. Situations as simple as over-watering, improper mulching, irrigation or nutrient imbalance could lead to a more persistent problem.

We will be able to assess the situation and determination the best course of action whether it involves a simple pruning or plant transfer and replacement, or removal. No job is too small or too big for the experts at Caffrey!

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Protection is the number one way to prevent infection!

Steps to help provide Disease Prevention and Insect Control

Insects and diseases are attracted to stressed, damaged or otherwise unhealthy plants, so the key to preventive control is taking good care of your plants! At Caffrey Tree and Landscape, our experts will provide the support and knowledge you need for your landscaping projects! We understand the local and indigenous plants that thrive in this environment. We will recommend plants that are known to have disease-resistant varieties and we will also provide ample instruction regarding watering, not overcrowding the beds and healthy soil!

There are many natural methods to deal with insect and plant disease that we will try first! If your experiencing an insect issue in your yard or have plants showing signs of disease or an infection, please do not hesitate to call our experts before the issue worsens.
To learn more about planting services and disease evaluation, call us today at (908) 889-6584!