Stop the Spread of Arboreal Disease With Regular Tree Pruning

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Trees don't grow in neat and orderly directions. If you want to keep your trees looking balanced and beautiful, you'll need regular tree trimming services from Caffrey Tree & Landscape. We offer a range of tree services, from aesthetic trimming to protective pruning. Have you worked with disreputable tree pruning companies in the past? Don't worry. Our professional climbers never use spikes - we'll protect your tree from beginning to end.

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3 reasons to arrange for annual tree pruning services

Without proper pruning, limbs will die off, leading to all kinds of problems. Setting up tree pruning services with Caffrey Tree & Landscape means you can avoid:

  1. Inviting insects to nest in dead branches
  2. Allowing disease to spread from tree to tree
  3. Neglecting tree damage until it's too late

Keep your trees healthy and thriving by contacting our team today.