Tired of Looking at That Old Stump?

Turn to us for tree stump removal services in Westfield, Summit, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, NJ and surrounding areas

Tree Stump Grinding services scotch plains nj

Caffrey Tree & Landscape can help with a wide range of tree services. That means we do more than just remove hazardous or unwanted trees and shrubs. After your tree comes down, we'll make your yard look flawless with tree stump removal services. We'll use professional equipment to grind down stumps without damaging your lawn.

There's no need to leave a tree removal project half-finished. Call us at 908-889-6584 today to set up your stump grinding service in Westfield, Summit, Scotch Plains or Fanwood, NJ.

tree stump removal services scotch plains nj

Explore the benefits of stump grinding

Stump grinding offers plenty of benefits beyond getting rid of an eyesore. With a tree stump removal service, you can...

  • Prevent termite and carpenter ant infestations
  • Get finely ground mulch to use throughout your garden
  • Avoid trip-and-fall injuries on your property

Make your lawn beautiful and safe this season by scheduling stump grinding services.