Tree Stump Grinding

Based in Scotch Plains, NJ and proudly serving Union and Somerset Counties

Tree Stump Grinding services scotch plains nj

Tree Stump Grinding

Once we remove your tree, we recommend removing the remaining stump. This will alleviate a hazardous situation. We have the ability to grind any stump no matter the size or location. It is a clean process that will grind your stump into a fine mulch-chip and our machine will do minimal damage to your lawn.

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tree stump removal services scotch plains nj

Benefits of Stump Removal

Caffrey Tree & Landscape takes care of tree, stump, and root problems for you so your property value is increased and you remain safe. Removing tree stumps is one of our specialties. By removing dead tree stumps, overgrown shrubs, and dead trees, we will eliminate havens for termites, carpenter ants, and other harmful insects.