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Planting Services in Scotch Plains, NJ


Planting new trees and shrubs on your property is a big decision. This can affect your curb appeal and property value. Also, knowing the correct plant to choose is just as important. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your desires, and ensure your selection of plants will meet your needs. Soil composition, water supply, sun light, location, all these will be considered when choosing new plantings and locations. The correct plantings can provide cover from wind and rain, offer a boarder on a property, prevent soil erosion and even hide unwanted mechanicals such as cable boxes. We will prepare your soil and landscape to ensure your new plants will remain healthy for years to come. Call today to learn about our planting services.

Sod and Seed Services in Scotch Plains, NJ

Sod & Seed

We install the finest topsoil and farm grown sod available. We always supply the correct mixture of seed to ensure that your Somerset, Essex or Union county property receives what is best for your lawn.

Obtaining quality sod is extremely important because there are diseases that spread on sod if it has not been treated correctly. To make sure your sod stays strong we will provide materials that work as a pre-emergent for broadleaf weeds and insects that we will apply to the topsoil before we lay the sod down. Our customers always have green grass to look at once the job is done. It is very important to use the appropriate seed depending on whether the area is sunny or shady. This is why we evaluate your property to determine the correct blend of seed, to give our customers a green resilient lawn. Contact us for a free evaluation.

tree services westfield nj


tree services westfield nj


This is a root excavation on a tree that was planted incorrectly. They will prune back the roots to promote re-growth and back fill with organic material. The before and after photos are only 2-1/2 weeks after the process was complete.